A Benefits System with Real Benefits

I want the government to consider adapting the benefits system by giving job seekers real choice. Choice can be created by allowing people to do a 'community activity' (CA) in return for support

Assuming a person's JSA entitlement is £100 p/w, a top-level outline is as follows:
Months 1-2: 15 h/wk job searching (JS) for support

Thereafter, give people 3 options:
1 – 7.5 h/wk JS and 7.5 h/wk CA for £100 p/w
2 – 15 h/wk CA for £100 p/w (more suitable when high unemployment)
3 – 12 h/wk JS for £75 p/w (ensures CAs are not imposed)

Allow a wide variety of activities to be considered as a CA. Have a decentralised scheme with much scope for people to find suitable CA's. Evidence of completion must be given

Those doing CAs will increase self-confidence, develop skills and network in the community, thus improving their job prospects

Taxpayers will receive better value for money, directly benefiting from CAs in their community

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John Wilkinson

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Monday 30 September 2013

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Wednesday 1 October 2014

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