A Family Day Off for all as UK traditions are devalued?

I propose the government reinstate one common day off each week.
Sign this petition to acknowledge UK traditional values are being eroded. No time in the busy calendars of our lives, family is important, there needs to be a day where family can get together. It's evident that our country is in moral decline; families underpin the foundations of our society, installing a personal code to the children of tomorrow. The Home Office is set up to safeguard identity and citizenship in the UK and should expose how families are suffering because UK culture is constantly being undermined. Christian's will argue the day off given should be a Sabbath Sunday. I feel this day worked in the past, but I'm not sparking a religious debate as any day off will help our country’s future.
The Department for Energy and Climate change can be tasked to research the impact of a national shut down of corporate things one day a week, examining the savings on the economy and to the environment?

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martin dove

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Thursday 29 September 2011

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Sunday 30 September 2012

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