A license for all owners to own & take care of all pets

The UK's domestic pets are defenceless animals who need long term protection and care - more needs to be done pro-actively to ensure their safety. We can-not just keep REACTING to animal cruelty. I am proposing the introduction of a process where all people who want a pet must apply for a license (with a small fee) in order to own a pet. Pet owners will then be held accountable for that animal's wellbeing, and the effort required to complete the licence form plus paying a small fee could deter those people who currently have pets and do not take care of them & abuse them.

Perhaps the license could include a background check to see if the requestor has been convicted of any animal cruelty charges?

Cats and Dogs seem to be most at risk, as they make up the largest type of pets owned by the UK population.

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Baljit Bhath

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Friday 12 August 2011

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Wednesday 22 August 2012

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