a new register for instatutional corrupt police officers

it time for a new law governing police
its time the police where held accountable, no longer should police be charged with either misconduct or gross misconduct, there are criminal law that are appropriate ie conspiracy to pervert, falsifying statement, intimidation etc
all police officers are to be charged as per the public they are not above the law
seeing as apparently nulle poena sin lege is no longer a fundamental core of the justice system anymore.
I don't see why that this cannot be respectively applied to back to Hillsborough later 80s
all police officers that have been found guilty by either by disciplinary measures or by court should go on this register
name address badge no
car registration phone no no of disciplinaries
what the charges where
any police officers that are charged with any of the following offences should not be allowed to work with the cannot be trusted and should be monitored

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jimmy hopper

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Saturday 29 March 2014

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Tuesday 31 March 2015

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