A no confidence vote in The Football Association .

With regard to the recent announcement from the FA that they intend to incorporate Premier League 'B' teams into the football pyramid system, I am calling on everyone to pass a vote of NO CONFIDENCE in the FA's governance of football in this country.
I understand the argument regarding numbers of English players in the top division, but turning the rest of the league into nothing more than 'Feeder clubs' is not the answer.Big clubs can already send their younger players on loan to the lower divisions, so what is the difference?
Currently Spain has over 30,000 UEFA 'A' license qualified coaches in their country.England has 3,000 AND has more clubs.
The FA should use more of the TV money to pay for better quality coaches and facilities at all levels.
Instead they are presiding over a game that is seeing the Rich getting Richer, whilst everyone else gets poorer.THIS IS BAD GOVERNANCE AND THE FA MUST BE HELD TO ACCOUNT!

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David Bird

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Friday 9 May 2014

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