A Public Inquiry into the recent UK Riots

Recognising that only theories and measures that are based on a full and detailed understanding of the causes and handling of the recent Riots will reduce the risk and impact of such events in the future, we call on the Government to launch a full Public Inquiry, which must be open, independent, well funded and not proscribed in its terms of reference.

It must address, among other points, the social root causes of the unrest, the speed, magnitude and nature of the Police response, including whether they had adequate leadership, numbers and resources, and the role of social media not merely in possibly facilitating the unrest but in supporting, informing and protecting those caught up in it, and in catalysing recovery efforts. It should also address whether Police and Government are adequately equipped to respond in the rapid manner which the modern communications environment requires, and whether any proposed measures will genuinely reduce the likelihood or impact of a recurrence.

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Richard George

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Monday 15 August 2011

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