A range of Financial Transaction Tax rates to be set by the UK government for British pound denominated financial deals transacted anywhere worldwide.

The people of the UK as guarantors of all British pounds in circulation globally are perfectly entitled to charge financial institutions tens of billions of pounds in Financial Transaction Tax revenue every year for the use of their currency by financial transaction businesses.

For example the Stamp Duty paid on every deal transacted on the London Stock Exchange is a form of FTT and is the oldest tax in England still in existence dating back hundreds of years. Therefore a natural and long overdue progression is to introduce FTT on the other types of British pound denominated financial institution business activity such as deals in Foreign Exchange, Bond and Derivatives.

An FTT rate of zero percent (0%) would be charged for all UK domestic banking transactions by UK citizens as it makes no sense for the people of the UK to be charged for use of the currency that they are the guarantors of.

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Sean Boyle

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Sunday 18 November 2012

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Tuesday 19 November 2013

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