Abbetoir Regulations

After the awful horse meat scandal recently, it has come to our attention that there's more going on than meets the eye in our abetoirs. Horrific animal cruelty has been caught on camera thanks to Hillside Animal rescue charity carrying out secret filming. It's at the Redlion Abetoir in Cheshire, disturbing footage of horses being beaten with metal bars and illegally stunned in groups of 3. In one situation a horse comes round regaining consciousness to find itself hanging upside down about to have it's throat cut. They also found horses sick or injured but not immediately put down. Under the welfare of Animals Act 1995, horses cannot be slaughtered in sight of each other as it causes severe distress to the animal. Footage has been uploaded to You Tube but is very distressing. Two men have had their licenses revoked by the FSA but more needs to be done to stop this! Please help.

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Eleanor Arthur

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Monday 21 January 2013

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