Abolish the House of Lords

The House of Lords represents a sector of our government that are unelected and undemocratic. Are we to be expected to submit to the will and opinions of people we did not elect? The House of Lords represents a part of the democratic process that is anything but democratic. Do we give our consent to people who were never elected into power to hold any power over our laws and lives? I say no. The House of Lords do not speak for me, and they do not speak for any of us as they were not elected democratically, yet we give our consent for them to make decisions on out behalf. That is not democracy, that is a totalitarian regime. When the people given final say over passing of law are not elected and inherit their entitlement to do so, there is something terribly wrong.

We the undersigned petition the government to abolish the House of Lords in its entirety and call for a democratic system of government.

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Phil Bateman

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Wednesday 5 June 2013

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Thursday 5 June 2014

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