Abolish the Proposed Increase in Train Fares Linked to Inflation Rates

Rail passengers will be hit by an 8% fare increase next year. Under the government's austerity drive rail prices will rise by the RPI figure plus 3%.

58% of workers in the UK have had a pay freeze in the last year. The average salary increase for those lucky enough to get anything has been below inflation at approx 2%.

With the rail fares in the UK the most expensive in Europe (second is Germany, and our average rail fare is stil 1.87 times the cost of theirs!) this proposed increase will be detrimental to the British economy, especially to commuters in and around London who have to use public transport to commute.

The Government to urgently reconsider the proposed inflation linked fare increases, which will cause undue financial pressure on numerous of commuters who's salaries will not be able to support such an increase.

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Danielle Mirkovic

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Tuesday 16 August 2011

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