Abolish the TV License that funds only the BBC

The TV License should be completely abolished on the grounds that it is a FORCED TV SUBSCRIPTION as the money solely funds BBC services (regardless of whether the viewer watches them or not). The fact UK-residents are capable of watching the BBC's programming via a TV set does not mean they actually do.

The TV License is akin to forcing all TV-owners to subscribe to Sky or Virgin Pay TV services, the only difference being the public can choose to not subscribe to those two services. It is immoral that anyone should be forced into paying for something they may not want (particularly as we are talking entertainment here, not something important like the building of a school).

The BBC should move to a subscription model so they can charge the ones that want to watch it and leave those that don't alone. Alternatively the BBC should raise money via advertisements just like many other broadcasters do. The TV License must go.

Why should we pay for the BBC if we don't watch the BBC?

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Tony Hailstone

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Friday 4 April 2014

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Tuesday 7 April 2015

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