Abolition of Forced Adoption by Social Services

Thousands of babies per year are being forcibly removed from parents across Britain. Social services are incentivised to adopt out children and can do so before a decision on criminality has been made or any appeals have taken place. Once a child is adopted this cannot be overturned. It is time to stop the secrecy of the courts, the gagging orders and the forced adoption of children from innocent familes. Innocent parents have the right to keep their children and the right not to live in fear of corrupt social workers. The government should take into account the serious concerns surrounding this legal system. If a criminal can have an open trial and considered innocent until proven guilty (instead of a legal system based on the balance of probability); then parents and children should have the same equal right. Parents and childrens human rights are being severely breached and it is time the family court legal system was reformed and forced adoption was abolished.

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Louise Thomson

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Tuesday 14 January 2014

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