Acceptance of PASS Cards in all pubs, clubs etc in the UK

Challenge 25 is a scheme in the UK, which requires people who look under 25 to show some form of Identification for cigarettes and alcohol.
Super markets accept these cards as suitable forms of ID for those over the age of 18 who can‘t prove it, however pubs, clubs and restaurants do not therefore making it harder for people who are of age to gain entry and/or be served at all.
These cards are designed to help young people who cannot afford/do not want a passport/drivers license, these 2 forms of ID are to expensive to buy and/or replace. A change to the Challenge 25 scheme and more awareness of these cards is necessary to push acceptance without problems as legal forms of ID as it has the card holders name, picture and D.O.B just like passports and drivers licenses, but they are more insecure as these can be easily forged whereas due to the PASS Hologram on the Proof of Age Standards Scheme cards they are harder to be forged and should be enforced to be accepted anywhere in the UK.

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Amanda Ford

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Monday 18 November 2013

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Tuesday 18 November 2014

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