Add law classes to the secondary school curriculum in an attempt to lower crime.

When growing up, I was only taught about the basic laws I.E. Robbery, murder and drugs. But I was not taught about more crimes. If people are taught about more crimes, it might cause people to identify if they will be committing a crime before they carry out their plans.

If law was put on the national curriculum, it may reduce crime. Even though law is a College/University course, it usually sounds dull to the age group. Also, it may be too late to likely join, because if you have a criminal record, you will be less likely be allowed to join that course. So put it as a compulsory secondary school lesson to increse the rate of unknown crime knowledge.

Lastly, in a time with telephone/ fraud it may help the general public to distinguish what offenders might say.

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James Tristan Carver

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Friday 11 December 2015

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Friday 10 June 2016

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