Adjust the status of UK residents on Tier2 ICT visa or cancel it from visa types

The Tier2 ICT visa is a new modern slavery, this visa status takes away all your privileges as a human. You pay equal tax as a UK resident yet because people knows that you can't stay for longer than 5 years there are many things you cant do, in my case: adopt, get a mortgage, change jobs and more

UK government have changed the laws so that everyone who's living in UK for more than 183 days becomes a resident and pay tax, however, people in Tier2 ICT visa status do not get any benefits to the contrary, if they can't find a job outside UK within 5 years they end up paying an equal tax to a resident, stuck in a job they don't want to do (many employers abuse there ICT people because they know they own them), no bank will give you a mortgage because they can't trust what will happen to you in 5 years.

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Marwa Abdelhamid

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Thursday 30 June 2016

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Thursday 29 December 2016

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