ADSL broadband via Fibre infrastructure

The cost of a Fibre package is expensive, especially if you don't really need the headline speeds but some people have no choice and have to pay extra for something they have no use for. Networks should offer a "slow" Fibre service but for ADSL subscribers that get below 20% of their "up to" speed and allow them to pay the same price as the ADSL service. It isn't fair that someone who lives 3 miles away from the exchange and gets less than 2Mb is paying the same price as someone who lives next door to it and gets 24Mb.

We call upon the Government to make providers "cross" the networks. If a customer is in a Fibre area but the ADSL speed is making basic tasks difficult then that customer should be switched over to the Fibre infrastructure. If a customer subscribes to 24Mb but only gets 1Mb, they should have their line switched to the Fibre cabinet but a cap put on it so they can get the slightly faster speeds they need.

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Mark Atherstone

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Sunday 28 December 2014

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Monday 30 March 2015

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