Age discrimination

For a 17 year old male to be to get car insurance they are required to fork out thousands & thousands of pounds; this being before petrol and tax. Is it a surprise many are now resulting to drive without car insurance? I have typed in the details of a typical 17 year old male studying A levels. For a 1993 Ford Focus costing £300 it would cost him over £4500, this being 15 times the amount of the car. Whereas if a 37 year old male who has only just passed his driving test, for the same car it would only cost him little over £700, just over twice as much. In the UK we like to pride our self on equality, yet the younger generation find it near impossible to be able to do something they have waited 17 years. I opt to change this, so we can pride our self as a country and say we will discriminate the young! Therefore i ask the government to make it illegal to discriminate the young in car insurance

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Matthew Adams

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Sunday 6 November 2011

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Wednesday 9 May 2012

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