Aid Ship to be built so UK can respond to natural disasters effectively.

UK gov to build, or refurbish/equip, an 'Aid Ship' to respond quickly to natural disasters such as typhoons.

This would be a cost-effective UK response to such events, rather than sending money which may not be used/ used inappropriately, and better than sending warships as now (recognising a warship may be required sometimes for protection, but noting aid provision is a secondary role for a warship).

As a minimum equipped with large water purification plant and med facility, and stocked with food and shelters.

Preferably also helicopters and 4x4s for aid delivery.

Could be 'manned' by service personnel as well as other emergency staff and/or '3rd sector'/charity or volunteer personnel. If staff available, may also be provided with rescue equipment.

Usefully, may also provide some work for UK shipyards.

I invite you to imagine a world in which, following the UK's lead, just a few of the richer nations built one of these!

Thank you.

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Ivan Rogers

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Tuesday 12 November 2013

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Friday 28 November 2014

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