Air Ambulances

Everyone of us knows what a wonderful job the people involved with the Air Ambulances do. Sadly this wonderful service receives no funding from central government, it relies totally on local fundraising in order to survive - at least this is the case in England. However North of the border in Scotland the air ambulance service is funded by the Scottish Parliament - which in turn means that once again it is we tax payers in England that will be paying for yet another free service for the Scots. There are four air ambulances in Scotland - two helicopters and two fixed wing jets that service the islands.
Our Air Ambulances are vital to us all and the government should fund this invaluable service IMMEDIATELY. It's time to stop these wonderful people having to hold the begging bowl to the general public and private companies in order to survive.The situation is an embarrassment to us all - yet once again the Scots get a valuable service Free!

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Barry Bilclough

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Monday 26 September 2011

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