All dogs to be kept on leads at all times in public places

I wish the government to pass a law which requires dogs to be kept on a lead at all times in public places in order to keep children and adults safe from intimidation and harm from dogs. Off lead dogs can attack and savage children and adults as they are not under their owners direct control. Dog owners believe that it is acceptable behaviour for dogs to run around off lead in parks, on beaches, along public footpaths and approach children and adults.. Off-lead dogs sniff around, growl, jump up, scratch and dirty clothes of children and adults who want to enjoy the outdoors. It is not acceptable to be dominated and intimidated by a dog off lead. Adults and children have to give way to boisterous dogs, whose owners say the dog is just having fun. The lives of children who are attacked by dogs off lead are ruined. If dogs had to be kept on leads at all times in public places, the risks of intimidation and harm would be substantially reduced.

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Kay Arnold

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Tuesday 24 January 2012

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Sunday 27 January 2013

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