All migrants without British passports should have e-ID cards checked online for their identities, entitlement to benefits, immigration status, etc

It has recently been estimated that 7,400 foreigners are claiming out-of-work benefits when they do not qualify to do so. All non-British citizens who came to UK as migrants should have should be given e-ID cards & IT systems tracking their activities in UK. Such ID cards should be strictly required to be checked online - whenever a foreigner takes up employment, in education, seeking NHS treatment, seeking DWP benefits, getting married, entering UK, leaving UK, having children, arrested, on bail, etc. People (& family members) on work permits, students visa, EU citizens not permanently residing in UK, illegal immigrants should NOT receive means tested (like JSA) benefits & non-means tested (like child benefit) benefits. Also workers who send money to their extended families aboard are not British workers but foreign ones & are a drain to UK balance of trade.

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Peter Chuah

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Thursday 26 January 2012

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