All Police Officers To Be Armed with a Hand Firearm or Taser

Following the Deaths of Two female police officers have died during a police operation in Tameside, Greater Manchester. Alongside recent findings that Mark Duggan was carrying a loaded Firearm when he was shot by armed Police.

I feel it is vital now for the Government to debate if all Police should carry a Firearm or Taser to protect themselves among criminals who are able to get their hands on a range of Firearms ranging in power and firepower.

This is a much needed debate for protecting Police Officers and Greater Public.

Families are torn apart when anyone is murdered as a result of Gun Crime or other Weapons related incidents. This is something that needs to be stopped in this Government.

Enough lives have been lost that of Criminals, Gang Members, School Children & Police Officers. It is time this was stopped!

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James Charlton

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Tuesday 18 September 2012

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