ALL shops closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day, Easter Sunday and New Year's Day

All shops and other public places should be closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day, Easter Sunday and New Year's Day. Although Christmas and Easter remains a largely religious time, it is also a time for families and friends to come together. We are seeing constantly, that people's own lives are being overtaken by work, work, work and it's about time that everyone had just FOUR out of 365 days in a year to enjoy. This isn't about being Christian, it's about people being able to come together and celebrate being a family and being friends. All public places, INCLUDING off-licences and small stores (why should they be exempt?!) should be closed on these four days apart from pubs, restaurants and petrol garages. I praise the remaining few shops - John Lewis, Waitrose and Morrisons - who still offer their workers these days off, refusing to give up these special occasions against the will of other greedy profiteers.

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Wednesday 26 December 2012

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