Allopathic medicine and the health of the NHS

Allopathic medicine is the orthodox school of medicine and its diagnostic practise is unhealthy. It attributes serious forms of illness that have developed in the 20th century to our health and to our genetic susceptibility and does not know or seek the natural causes. In addition to this, its drugs may be addictive in long-term use, so that when its diagnostic practise attributes the cause of an illness to our health, its drugs in the course of time would turn the original problem into a chronic progressive biological disorder which cannot lead to a natural recovery. Such illness types are usually termed “medical” conditions. Government should establish a department that will investigate the natural causes of these modern illnesses so that the public can be informed of the risks to which our health is prone and make its choices. We have some catching up to do and we cannot get this information from allopathic medical practise and we won’t get it from its doctors.

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David Dixon

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Thursday 15 September 2011

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Wednesday 19 September 2012

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