Allow dogs in private rented, council rented, leasehold and freehold homes!!!

Living in private rented property, I find it frustrating I am unable to have any pets, let alone a dog. Not having a deposit to buy my own home has forced me into private renting, and I don't qualify for council housing.

If you rent or leasehold somewhere you are paying someone to have use of the 'building' as your own, so why are we not all allowed to treat it as our own home?

There being so many dogs in need of homes in rescue centres upsets me as I am able (if it wasn't for my landlord/freeholder) to give a dog or 2 a home.

Having previously been a responsible dog owner, I understand the care of a dog.

I also understand that dogs can be an annoyance, if not cared for properly or without the right training.

I am asking for no restrictions on pets/dogs in all properties, but understand there must be guidelines and boundaries in place to protect neighbours from things like continuous noise such as barking and owners to be able to inspect the property.

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Friday 22 November 2013

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Saturday 29 November 2014

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