Allow GP's to be able to refer patients to out of area mental health services

With physical health you can request to be referred to a different hospital not in your borough through your GP. With mental health your GP can only refer you to the mental health services in your area. Patients should be able to request to go to specialised services through their GP for all health.

More patients are being referred back to their GP's and they can be the person who knows the patient best and need to have the option of sending the patient else where.

It could in certain situations help people get the help they need quicker if a GP can refer patients even if their service did refer them after being assessed onto somewhere that has wasted so much time and money that could've been saved if the GP and patient already knew where they needed to be referred to have the assessment.

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Faye Garner

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Tuesday 22 November 2016

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Thursday 1 January 1970

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