Allow NHS pay to increase by a minimum of inflation by scrapping trident and other war mongering initiatives.

NHS pay should increase by a minimum of the rate of inflation every year (+banded increase). This insures that hard working and sorely under valued members of the health service can afford to continue in their roles and not become victims of the ever expanding cost of living crisis the current government is inflicting on the people, as this causes hard working staff to leave for private enterprise where their services would cost many times the current price to the NHS.

To pay for this pro-worker, pro-humanitarian policy the trident project as well as military expenditure more generally should be curtailed and focused solely on the defense of our boarders and those of our allies. All expeditionary forces should be immediately returned for this purpose and conventional weaponry should be used in our defense strategies rather than relying on a weapon system that can never be used.

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Martin Perks

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Thursday 13 March 2014

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Tuesday 17 March 2015

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