Allow people in North East England to join Scotland

Many people in the North East feel distant from our government in Westminster, both economically and politically. The Scottish Parliament has proved that different ways of running public services are possible, including an NHS without the internal market, Higher Education without tuition fees, and (if there's a Yes vote in the Independence Referendum) defence without the threat of Trident.

We therefore call on the UK Government to grant a referendum to all who live north of Hadrian's Wall, or in Newcastle and North Tyneside council areas. We would choose whether to remain in England or to join Scotland. We call on the Government to arrange and fund this referendum, and to be bound by the result.

If the people choose to join Scotland, the new border would follow the line of Hadrian's Wall west of Newcastle, where it would go south to the river Tyne, then east to the coast. More detail and discussion is online at

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Andrew Gray

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Sunday 22 June 2014

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Wednesday 24 June 2015

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