allow people to take part in childcare with or without maths GCSE

This e-petition is for young adults and adults that wish to take part in childcare in mainly nurseries and allowing everyone to have an equal opportunity to follow in there dreams, not being able to go into nursery nursing because you do not have a C in English or mathematics becomes challenging, although i understand this study leads you into becoming a teacher or teaching assistant this is different to helping 1 to 4 year olds develop and learn as a 8 mouth year old or 1 year old will not need to know there times tables or algebra or angles etc that is what you need to know to pass a mathematics GCSE exam, I find this discriminating against people like me who has dyslexia as most dyslexics find mathematics and english a on going battle through out there life.

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Created By

Robyn Davenport

Created On

Saturday 15 March 2014

Closing Date

Saturday 20 September 2014