Allow working parents to pay relatives to care for their children through child care tax credits

Instead of increasing the number of children looked after by professional child carers /nurseries to cut costs.Allow working parents to pay their parents or other relatives to look after their children through the child care tax credit system.
There are many grandparents who would like to help out with the childcare of their grand- children to assist their grown up children -but they themselves cannot afford to be without at least a part time wage. Equally the working parents need the assistance of the tax credit system to be able to work and afford child care.This way the children would be looked after by adults who loved them and cherished them, and were genuinely interested in their welfare and development. The children,their parents and the grandparents would be more content, less stressed and guilt -free and the jobs the grandparent previously held would be freed up for the unemployed.
A course on childcare could be taken if deemed necessary

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carole mills

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Thursday 30 May 2013

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Saturday 7 June 2014

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