Alter cabin crew height restrictions.

Cabin crew is something i really aspire too do. Since being a little boy, it has been my ambition to have the opportunity to become a commercial airline pilot- however, there are height restrictions in place restricting me too do so. I am currently completing a 'cabin crew' module in college to give me a qualification in the appropiate training etc. however again due to me being just 1.5 inches over the height limit, I am unable to even apply without being refused, this is something I really want too do & something which I see worth fighting for. Everyone should be given a chance, i go on holidays year in year out without my height affecting me therefore I should be able to have the chance to do my ambition. I have emailed airlines, several times in which I have earned myself the chance too meet with them, I'm looking for people to sign this petition so that I can present this on the day. l

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Created By

Ryan McCourt

Created On

Saturday 23 November 2013

Closing Date

Wednesday 26 November 2014