Amend Merchant Shipping act to ensure foreign seamen sit full oral exams at MCA.

More foreign seamen are being given a Cert. of Equivalent Competency by our MCA every year in the UK, than our total of native born Mariners. The exam is basic, and not the full exam a British seafarer must sit for their Certificate of Competency. It's unsafe, unfair, & an immoral double standard.

Other countries which benefit from strict cabotage laws restricting these practices include the USA, Australia, Canada, & others. The UN's International Maritime Organization based in London has been used to create STCW regulations which force British flagged ships to accept member nations maritime education credentials as equal to British ones. This was done to break the power of unions in the 70/80s. The result is a stagnation of efficiency and safety for 20 years, putting our shores at risk.

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scott campbell

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Wednesday 9 March 2016

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Friday 9 September 2016

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