An unsustainable phenomenon?

Which ever town/city you walk through in the UK you will see dozens of young mothers pushing a pram with a cigarette in one hand, (extremely expensive,) and a mobile phone in the other. It is a fair bet that these girls also live in a home that is entirely paid for by the tax payer. I would also claim that these young mothers have been mentored to adopt this way of life by their peers who are also living in this way. What about the fathers? It is a fair bet that they too are living off the tax payer. Can we afford to continue to financing this spiraling phenomenon? and if so why should we? What incentive is there to stop young people from doing this? None at all. So what is the solution? I would suggest that all welfare payments be stopped in 9 months, with plenty of warning that this will happen by means of a television campaign. ALL the savings made (which must mount into billions!) be added to the minimum wage. This would not only make working more attractive but a necessity.

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mike bayley

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Tuesday 16 August 2011

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Wednesday 16 November 2011

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