Anti EU political parties like UKIP should be banned running in EU elections.

Anti European political parties should not be allowed to run in EU elections. MEPs should sworn in when they start working in EU parliament, when they sworn they should say "I solemnly support European Union and will work for the benefit of Union and for it's citizen's interest." There is enough democracy for anti EU political parties to achieve what they want regionally. There is no point allowing them to send MEPs to EU parliament. Why should EU parliament finance their objectives? That kind of political parties for example UKIP in Britain sends MEPs to European Parliament. They want to get rid of EU parliament, they want EU to fail. MEPs with these intentions would only be drawback to EU Parliament, they are there to make EU to fail. We shouldn't allow them to that. Banning those anti European political parties from EU elections should not be considered as taking away their democratic rights, as there is more than sufficient democracy regionally available to them.

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Suzanna Yebeni

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Thursday 20 March 2014

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Saturday 21 March 2015

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