Asian sweet shops must put expiry date and other important information on their products.

Asian sweet shops are present almost everywhere in the UK. These sweets are baked and then put in their display cabins to be sold. When someone goes to buy these sweets sales men pick the items put them into the boxes to be weighed and paid. Customers have no idea about

1. When these sweets were actually made.
2. How many days they are suitable for eating or keeping.
3. What is the best place or temperature etc to keep them.
4. How much energy/calories they contain (as they contain lot of fat and sugar)
5. What are the contents in case someone is allergic to any contents used.

As cholesterol is more common among Asian people than rest of UK citizens when they get old and these sweets are one of the cause for this.

Health sector should come up with strict regulations and make it mandatory to put all the necessary information on the boxes/packaging.

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Shahzad Alam

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Wednesday 12 March 2014

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Friday 13 March 2015

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