Ban Burka in public places such as shopping centres etc

The burka is threat to security and offensive to British women. The burka has been used to avoid the police and to escape justice. It is unfair to deal with anyone when you cannot see their faces. It is part of human interaction to see facial expression. It is not a religious requirement. As humans, part of our understanding & communicating is being able to 'read' the emotions of another persons facial features.
David Cameron himself has declared Britain as a Christian country and therefor we should respect that view.
When British women travel to a Muslim country, they respect the countries beliefs and wear head scarfs, why should they no respect our beliefs?
Also we are not allowed to wear baseball caps etc as we get thrown out of the places or refused a service. Its only right we are all equal.

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Andrew Tomlinson

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Thursday 20 March 2014

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