Ban e-cigarettes in public places

I believe that e-cigarettes should be banned from public places. Even though they are supposed to be better for a person than tobacco cigaretts, when I am sat on a bus or in the cinema and a puff of 'smoke' comes out of an e-cigarette that a person is smoking infront of me, I am forced to inhale it. I do not know what is in these cigarettes but I am aware that some versions of the e-cigarette contain nicotine and I do not know what I am breathing in. Even if it is harmless, it is not pure air and I shouldn't be forced to inhale such things. The laws on e-cigarettes should be the same as tobacco cigarettes; only smoke outside or in designated smoking areas.

Please sign this petition if you are against the unavoidable, forced inhaling of nicotine substances when you are out in public.

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Jacob Beecham

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Thursday 12 December 2013

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Saturday 13 December 2014

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