Ban Holiday Homework In Free Schools

Holiday homework is becoming more common in free schools now with a lot of schools that I know giving out holiday homework.

Holiday homework is homework given during the school holidays for pupils to complete and return after the holiday okay, that’s pretty obvious but why is it given out? Teachers or Head teacher’s reasons for giving out holiday homework or homework in general vary. From reasons like 'it's something to do when you’re bored' or 'sometimes you forget things over long periods...' however, during the holiday kids want to be kids. They don't want to be indoors worrying that the homework isn't going to be in on time. They want to be out with their mates doing their own thing. Life isn't about homework and life certainly does not revolve around school. We get enough homework and work during term time as it is. Never mind getting it during holidays. If I reach enough votes then I would like the government to ban all summer holiday homework.

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Sean Anthony Lloyd

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Saturday 25 August 2012

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