Ban lorries overtaking at rush hour

We've all been there, driving along a dual carriageway at 70MPH then all of a sudden a lorry decides to pull out without any warning or indication. Then you realise, this lorry is trying to overtake another lorry that is going a fraction slower. This process can go on forever and sometimes it can get very dangerous.

Vehicles joining the road sometimes either wait or pull out directly in front of lorries causing them to have to brake hard all because they couldn't move into the other lane. This also prompts drivers that get stuck behind these elephant races, to break the speed limit to make up the lost time, speed is a contributing factor in most accidents.

I urge the Department for Transport to consider banning lorries overtaking at rush hour, this has proved successful in other countries and on some roads around the UK.

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Daniel Pearson

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Thursday 20 February 2014

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Saturday 21 February 2015

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