Ban misleading information being handed out by Offices of the Registrars for Births, Deaths and Marriages

Registry Offices for Births, Deaths and Marriages are giving out brochures containing potentially misleading information to members of the public who visit the Registry to register death. This refers to "free bereavement" service. The bereaved may be more vulnerable and believe this claim and wrongly assume the service is from a government agency. It is not. Nor is it free.
The telephone number is of a commercial organization whose aim is to gain business and make profit. The bereaved is contacted by a salesperson and persuaded to hand over administration of the deceased’s estate, often at exorbitant charge. It is often too late when the bereaved discovers the true cost of the “free” service.
Registry Offices must not promote one commercial organization over another, or distribute information which is little more than a sales pitch. Ban Registry Offices from giving out information relating to any commercial organisation even if it is truly free.

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Wednesday 5 June 2013

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