Ban the burqa and niqab in the UK

The Burqa and the Niqab are NOT a religious requrement in Islam. In the koran the teachings are that 'women are to dress and behave modestly in public', which the hijab more than fulfils and is adequate and inoffensive in western society . The burqa and niqab however are symbols of oppression and subjugation placed upon women as a veil of enslavement. How can the veiled female interact in society as a normal woman with emotions and feelings and identity ? But of upmost importance is the security risk that the wearing of these garments impose as displayed in the recent case of terror suspect Mohammed ahmed mohammed who is linked to Al-shabab, escaped surveillance by entering a mosque in western style clothing and leaving disguised as a woman wearing a burqa . These garments are a clear threat to national security and must be banned !

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Angie Ottewell

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Tuesday 5 November 2013

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