Ban the Burqa in public places

The Burqa is not worn on religious grounds, it is a poiltical instrument, encouraged by Islamist extremists, and aimed at helping to prevent the integration of the Muslim community into mainstream British society. To be a proper society, we need to be able to see each other. The Government must ban the wearing of the Burqa in public places. Proper integrated citizenship involves trust, and trust cannot exist where one cannot see people’s faces in public. Why do we tolerate groups that come to this country to live but refuse to try and integrate into our society? Wearing the Burqa encourages living in a state of cultural apartheid from the rest of the UK’s citizens. Wearing it is basically saying, “I may be walking among you, but I will never be part of you: I reject your entire culture and everything you stand for”. Wearing the Burqa is a hostile act and the Government should ban the wearing of the Burqa from public places.

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Mark Williams

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Sunday 7 August 2011

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