Ban the sale of pencil sharpeners with easy release blades.

Many young adults these days with the pressures of school, friends and social media struggle at times and sadly turn to self-harm. As a parent you can hide all the sharp cutting items in your house only to find your child using the removable blade from a pencil sharpener.

How is that an under 18 can’t go and buy a knife, razor or anything with a blade but can go and buy a pencil sharpener which has a removable blade? There’s even a video on YouTube that shows you how to remove it although it is only a tiny screw holding it in so it’s not rocket science! To ban all under 18s buying one is not perceivable but I do believe they could be manufactured differently such as having a non-tamper screw. If the Government bans those where the blade is easy to release, industry will follow with a safer product. Something has to be done.

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Carol Cannings

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Friday 13 April 2018

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Saturday 13 October 2018

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