Banning of "Buy a Wife" Online Adverts & Toughening of (Mail-Order) Marriage-Related Immigration

Despite claiming to be a civilized nation, Britain has taken no action in tackling the mail-order bride industry: if a Saudi Arabian man bought his 6 wives, we'd be claiming human rights had been violated on behalf of these women - if a Britain man decides to browse around & buy a wife, we think nothing of it. Other than being inherently immoral, there is also the issue of the new 'spouse' being 3x more likely to suffer from depression. Limited freedom, a considerably higher likelihood of domestic violence and the fundamental principle that you are a commodity, owned by your husband, are 3 more of the MANY reasons why this practice has to be eradicated.

I will be campaigning to:
-convince online advertising agencies (eg Google Ads)/governments that they have a moral responsibility to ban adverts in which humans are treated as commodities that can be bought or sold
-persuade government border officials to be more stringent when checking the potential husband

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Josh M

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Sunday 24 November 2013

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Thursday 27 November 2014

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