Benfit payments should accurately reflect National Insurance Contributions

Everybody who is in legitimate full time employment pays contributions. But do we get back what we put in? And where does the rest go? Using this example, in the last 5 years I have paid in excess of £6k National insurance. During a recent five month period of unemployment my "contribution-based" Jobseekers allowance paid me £130 per fortnight. So I received £1300. Housing benefit totalled £1500. So where did the other £3200 go? How is anyone supposed to survive on £65 a week, when by this example they are entitled to £225? So why do we pay out such a big chunk of our wages? I am fully aware and under no illusion that by the time I retire there will be no state pension available to me. The website states this payment is to see people through times of hardship. Its a time of hardship. Jobs are short, wages are dropping, the cost of living is increasing and current fuel prices mean we are paying to work.

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Dan Duke

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Wednesday 17 August 2011

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