Ber Tax Duty

Beer Tax Duty
Ensure that the cut in beer duty tax is passed onto the customer.
The purpose of this e-petition is to let the Chancellor of the Exchequer be aware that the cut in beer duty tax of 1p is not being passed onto the customer. There is a lot of hype on how the government is helping by keeping the price of a pint affordable in British pubs.

It happened in last year’s budget of 2013-2014 where beer duty was cut by 1p of a pint of beer and this reduction was not reflected in any of the pubs I visited. This year’s budget 2014-2015 the same decision has been made to reduce the beer tax again by 1p. I believe this will again not be passed onto the customer. I therefore propose that a 2p reduction be made in April 2014, funded by the organisations that have kept this saving, and that it truly reflected in the price of a pint at the point of sale.

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Peter Peek

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Friday 21 March 2014

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Tuesday 24 March 2015

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