Big Society?! Job Seekers who want to do Voluntary Work in order to make themselves more Employable are being Penalised

Job seekers who wish to do voluntary work in order to improve their CVs are currently only able to volunteer with registered charities, voluntary organisations, local council social services departments & with someone who is not a member of their family. Any unpaid work outside of this criteria makes the individual ineligible for JSA.

What about the people who want a career in childcare but are unable to volunteer at schools? What about graduates who need experience to get a job? What about people who could do an unpaid internship but can't afford to live if their claim is withdrawn? What about the Big Society?

The government should allow people to volunteer in an organisation relevant to their proposed career path without it affecting their claim, so long as they prove that they are still seeking paid work. Each person's claim is case-specific and some of us are trying to better ourselves and pursue a career.

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Monday 31 October 2011

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