Black Ancient History to be taught in schools. As a course, module, in all level

In school the only recollection of any study about Africa, was based upon African colonisation, and pro independence; this was fine, until I started to come across information about African Ancient History post university, by myself, with the help of the internet. I felt overwhelmed and shocked.

I did Politics and International Relations Degree.

Nevertheless missing African Ancient history is like missing a huge chunk of world history.

If the following is included in the educational system, it would be great. Information about.....

- Nubia

- Songhai

- Lost African Kings and Queens such as: Nefertiti, Sheba, Hannibal

- Kemet

- Ashanti

- Moors (when blacks ruled Spain)

-Benin Empire(1180-1897 CE), Mali Empire (1235-1600 CE), Ghana Empire (700-1240 CE)

+ more

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Angelina Jokosanya

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Saturday 10 March 2018

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Sunday 9 September 2018

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