Blue Or Red Lights Issued To Recovery Operators

Removable Magnetic Beacon For Life Threating Jobs To Put Onto Breakdown Incident Support Vehicle When On A Dangerous Job,
The operator must have Industry Standards, PAS43, ISO9001, NHSS17 as a minimum standard to have a incident unit with blue lights,
not all recovery trucks on day to day basis can have a blue beacon, it would be on one vehicle within the company .
orange beacons have being abused, bin men leave them on all day, you got jo blogs in his transit truck got them on. Any one can get one
Roadworkers: now road workers i see have 5 mile back of coneing, 100's of flashing lights on top of cones, loads of yellow lights and 50MPH Speed Limits
what makes a coppers life more important than a recovery drivers?
One van with blue lights used for on scene only behind the recovery truck loading a vehicle up in dangerous place.

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Sam Burke

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Sunday 2 February 2014

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Tuesday 3 February 2015

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