Braking (Family) Court Orders needs to be a criminal offense

Since the cuts to Legal Aid, fathers and mothers alike have now been put into a situation where they cannot afford to fight for contact with their children meaning millions of children will now go without a relationship with their father.

There are many reasons as to why legal aid should be brought back to support absent parents in making applications to the court for access and/or to reinforce a court order some FACTS:

> 95 per cent of people think fathers are important to children’s wellbeing.
>A million children have no meaningful contact with their fathers.
>. It is clear that children growing up without fathers are more vulnerable because of the many positive contributions that available, engaged and committed fathers make to children.
>Analysis of 4,000 young offenders by the Youth Justice Board found that 70 per cent were from non-intact families.

Children need fathers and fathers need legal aid to assist them in gaining and reinforcing contact.

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Lee Orrell

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Tuesday 8 October 2013

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